Junior Calendar and Events

Sat 9th December - European Teams
Sun 7th January - DDK Teaching
Sat 13th January - European Teams
Sun 21st January - online parent and teacher forum
Sat 27th January - London Youth
Sat 10th February - European Teams
Thu 21st - Sat 23rd March - European Youth Go Championships - Hamburg, Germany.
Sun 14th April - British Youth Teams (online)
Wed 14th - Sat 17th August - Youth Go Camp - Caythorpe
Sat 9th November - BYGC (provisional)

Firm dates of all tournaments, including the ones open to adults as well, are shown on the BGA Tournament Calendar.

OGS Youth Group

We have our own closed group on OGS called the British Go Association Youth group (group 4739) . In it we run tournaments and teaching sessions and so on. To join our group get yourself registered on OGS and send us your user id by completing our application form, telling us something about yourself , if you want to be invited in to the group. After a couple of days when you go onto OGS you should find an invitation to join the group in the notifications.

Online Tournaments

Every month or two we are running a tournament on OGS in the British Go Association Youth group (group 4739). You should check the calendar above and look out for announcements.

You can also look out for details of some events open to all that you might be interested in on the main BGA Tournament Calendar!

OGS Youth Club

Once a month up until October 2023 on a Sunday there was an OGS Youth Club. This has been suspended because of lack of interest and the rise of some other club online meetings. It was a friendly playing session from 16:00 to 18:00 on OGS in the British Go Association Youth group (group 4739) .


Every year we hold our national championship for under-18s, the British Youth Go Championships. It is normally at at a central location where young players can meet up easily. The 2020 edition was held online, but it has since been held in person again. The 2023-24 BYGC was held on Saturday 11th November 2023 in Leicester.

2023-24 BYGC Gallery.

2022-23 BYGC Gallery.

Here is the Hall of Fame.

The British School Teams for many years was merged with the BYGC, but from 2022, and in 2023, it is being held again as a separate event on OGS.


In the summer, since 2017, we have our Youth Summer Go Camp. It is held at Caythorpe Court, an adventure centre in Lincolnshire, from and gets between 12 and 24 attendees. Provisional dates for next time are 14th - 17th August 2024.


From time to time we invited to play international matches against players from another country. We pick appropriate players from our youth rating list to take part.

From June 2020 we played a match against Chinese children, which we won (just), and from November 2020 we were playing a match against Hong Kong children (lost on the last game). From March 2021 we had a League against a team from China.

From June to November 2022 we were playing a second match against Hong Kong children - we lost 17-16.

Starting 25th March 2023, we played two leagues against the team from China. Check out the results!

For autumn 2023 we are playing a third match against Hong Kong; it started on 14th October.

Members of our youth squad also play for our team in the European Youth Go Team Competition.

We also had teams in the prototype European Youth Team League and then the first Euro City Youth League; the next (expanded) Euro City Youth Go League 2023/24 started 10th October 2023. There are 8 UK teams in the three leagues. Games are to be played on playstrategy.org on alternate Tuesday evenings.

European Youth

Every year the European Youth Go Championship is planned to be held in a different country, normally in the Spring. We last held it at Bognor Regis in 2014 and you can look at the Gallery. Most years we send a team. We went to Kiev, Ukraine, in March 2018 and to Stubicke Toplice, near Zagreb in Croatia, in March 2020. However we did not go to Moscow in 2019. 2021 was held on line and 2022 was held in Prague, Czechia. 2023 was held 22nd-26th March in Ankara, Turkey.

2024 will be in Hamburg, Germany, from 21st to 23rd March. It will be preceded by a "training camp" (18th to 20th March).

EYGC 2020 Gallery

UK Go Challenge

The UK Go Challenge was back again for 2023. You should have made sure your school or club ran a heat this year! The finals have been run online in recent years and delayed until October

The 2023 finals were online on OGS on Sunday 15th October.

The last time it was held in person was in 2019 when it was alongside the National Small Board Championship, as part of Cambridge Junior Chess and Go Club's 25th anniversary celebrations on Sunday 13th October. You can read the report.

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